Guest house entry lawns

Accommodation Facilities

The guest house can accommodate 170 guests in its 85 rooms, in full capacity. It has multiple room types including suite rooms, twin bedded rooms, double bedded rooms and specially abled rooms to cater all types of guest requirements. All the rooms are fully air-conditioned, with all modern amenities like Television set equipped with cable connection, internal VoIP and Wi-Fi connection. The rooms are equipped with compact refrigerators and a mini kitchenette. Electric kettle, basic cutlery and refreshing beverage supplies are also available in the kitchenette.

The room wall is decorated with the local mural art, ‘Lipan Kaam’, consisting of mirror work and mud designs. The aesthetic wall designs are native to the Kutch region of Gujarat and each room has a unique design adorning its interiors. The windows are furbished with dark and sheer curtains for convenience throughout the day and night. The laundry services for the guests are available too, along with the regular room laundry service. An iron and an ironing board are present in each room. All rooms have attached full bathroom, with all basic toiletries refilled periodically.

An all-time attendant is present in the guest house premises to assist for all auxiliary services. The rooms are planned to ensure a comfortable and memorable stay at the campus. 

Dining Facilities

The institute guest house caters the dining facilities for the guests at the 2nd floor dining hall of the guest house. The occupants can avail breakfast, lunch and dinner meals at the self service buffet counters. The strategic location ensures an easy access to the area and a jovial meal experience with pleasant ambiance. The kitchen is equipped with all modern equipment and fixtures including chimney hoods, smoke vents and cold storage. The safety of the kitchen and dining hall is guarded by prudent placement of fire extinguishers and in-built fire hydrant system. The dining hall welcomes all the guests for an enjoyable meal experience.

Twin bedded room with ‘Lipan Kaam’ on wall
Facilities inside the room
Mini kitchenette 
Attached full bathroom

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